#APIs4BlackLivesMN Solidarity Statement




We are asking Asian and Pacific Islander (API) individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses and groups in Minnesota to sign-on in support of our APIs4BlackLives solidarity statement – http://bit.ly/APIs4BLMSolidarity:

Asian and Pacific Islanders for Black Lives (APIs4BlackLives) is a coalition of Minnesota API individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, and groups who are in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and Black Lives Matter St. Paul.

As part of the Asian and Pacific Islander community, we are calling for justice for 24-year-old Jamar Clark, whom eyewitnesses report was executed by Minneapolis police as he lay handcuffed on the ground. We remember Fong Lee, a 19-year-old boy riding his bike with his friends, until a Minneapolis police officer fatally shot him eight times in the back, side, and chest. Despite eyewitness accounts from neighbors, police report that Jamar Clark was not handcuffed and was reaching for the officer’s gun; similarly, the results of MPD’s internal investigation on Fong Lee’s killing did not match the reports of neighborhood eyewitnesses. Black or Asian and/or Pacific Islander, we all deserve accountability from the people who claim to protect and serve us.

We offer this statement to voice our solidarity with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and all people demanding justice for Jamar Clark and his family. We recognize that as a collective community our struggles are connected and our fight and people power strengthened when we work in solidarity with each other.

With this statement, we call on Asian and Pacific Islander community members to step forward and demand #Justice4Jamar; to resist state violence and police brutality alongside the Black community; to reject the complicity demanded of us by the “model minority” role, imposed by white supremacy.

Violence against Black people in the United States continues without prosecution or end. The murder of Jamar Clark continues a legacy of unpunished murder by the state. It is time for that legacy to end.

An 11/16/15 Black Lives Matter statement on police brutality and white supremacy in Minnesota states:

“Black Lives Matter Minneapolis has called for community oversight of the Police with full disciplinary powers to combat the culture of policing that causes the consistent violence and tragedy at disproportionate levels for Black communities. This year alone, we have seen the police in Minnesota commit violence against Indigenous, Black, and Brown bodies like Marcus Golden, Tania Harris, Marcus Abrams, and Philip Quinn.

The State of Minnesota continues to commit acts of violence against Black and brown people while continuing to not hold police officers accountable. Minnesota is claims to be progressive but when it comes to real systemic and structural change, we continue to see some of the worst in the country racial disparities that are only widening. “Too many elected officials have remained silent on the violence perpetuated on Black bodies in this state. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges can no longer sell us this empty rhetoric of a thriving Minneapolis. Our city is not too far from burning like Baltimore because as the violence, disparities, and erasure people of color grows, so will the people’s rage and desire for justice” said organizer Michael McDowell. State sanctioned violence against Black people must end, not only in the state of Minnesota but globally. As long as Black people in this country are disproportionately killed by police, we will continue to disrupt the so-called peace.”

APIs4BlackLives – Minnesota agrees with this analysis and stands with BlackLivesMatter in condemning state sanctioned violence against Black and brown people in our city, in the state of Minnesota, nationally, and internationally. We call on our Asian and Pacific Islander communities to show up, speak up, and stand in solidarity as we demand justice for Jamar Clark and all who have been murdered by the police.

In solidarity and resistance,

APIs4BlackLives – MN Chapter

As our supporter list continues rising, over 300 API individuals, organizations, groups and businesses from Minnesota and across the US have already signed on their support. Sign-on your support here today – http://bit.ly/APIs4BLMSolidarity